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​​ Welcome to LB3! 

We are a full service real estate sales & services company located in the Houston metro area providing solutions to people looking to buy, sell or invest in real estate property. We work with homeowners, buyers, sellers, agents, and investors. 

​We operate our company and live by a simple set of values that guides us in all of our decision-making:


​       1.  Everyone Involved Wins - We believe in an abundance mindset, and do not operate with a 'zero sum game' mindset. We deliver results that benefit everyone involved; our employees, our clients, our investors, and our community.

​      2.  We Deliver At All Costs - Nothing happens without delivery, and we close all deals as promised knowing that keeping our commitments are the foundation to our continued success.

​        3.  We Perform Work We Can Be Proud Of - From the homes we renovate to the relationships we cultivate, we know that focusing on work that we can be proud of creates a legacy and impacts our community in ways that will outlast our individual lives.  

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